CloudSpec partners with testing lab myEnologist in Napa


CloudSpec testing capability now available to small wineries in California

We are delighted to announce that Marama Labs and renowned wine testing lab myEnologist have partnered to offer CloudSpec colour phenolics and tannin testing services for harvest 2023 to small wineries in California. This parternship is a perfect option for wineries looking to up their colour and phenolics game with CloudSpec's unique technology, without the burden of acquring a device or running samples in-house. You get all the benefits of CloudSpec's data visualisation, without the sample prep.

You can submit your grape, juice, ferment and wine samples for CloudSpec colour, phenolics and tannin analysis before, during and after harvest. Your results are then accessible on the CloudSpec Insights web app (account required), where you can visualise and track colour, phenolics and tannin, to make actionable winemaking decisions.


Sample Analysis (USD)

Color Only: $15 (50mL sample required)

Phenolics Only: $30 (50ml sample required)

Color and Phenolics: $40 (50ml sample required)

AWRI Anthocyanin, Tannin and Phenolics Panel: $60 (50ml sample required)    

Color, Phenolics, and AWRI Panel: $100 (50ml sample required)

CloudSpec Insights Subscription (USD)

Annual Cost: $1000 (unlimited sample uploads)

Harvest 2023 3 month special: $350 (unlimited sample uploads)


For sample testing, contact myEnologist

To start your CloudSpec Ingishts subscription, contact