Wine Style Optimisation

Powered by the world's most advanced colour and phenolics platform.

CloudSpec unlocks a new world of opportunity in colour and phenolics control.

With the revolutionary ability to measure both clear and hazy samples, our winery integrated technology enables you to rapidly analyse, predict and control colour and phenolics of whites, rosé and reds, at every stage of the winemaking process.

Overlaid with powerful consumer preference tools, and designed for wineries of all sizes, CloudSpec allows you to seamlessly target or maintain your unique style, ensuring you stand out in the market.

Illustration of a vineyard.
Illustration of a winery.
Illustration of a truck being loaded with wine.
Illustration of wine being served in a restaurant.
Illustration of a vineyard

In the vineyard

Better understand colour and phenolic development in the vineyard.

Illustration of a winery

In the winery

Achieve desired colour and phenolics profiles in your finished wines.

Illustration of a truck being loaded with wine.

In the market

Better connection with target consumers, better product positioning.

Illustration of a restaurant serving wine

In the business

Build and enhance your brand, grow your business.

Define your wine

Optimise wine style. Enhance your brand.

Target your style icon.


Identify and set a target for your ideal wine style. Create internal benchmarks, or simply select from the insights platform.

Measure your style icon.


Run clear and hazy samples through CloudSpec’s unique spectrophotometer. Explore the colour and phenolics profiles of your juices and wines, all year round.

Upload to web icon.


Bring your wine data to life. Work with the CloudSpec Insights platform to visualise winemaking decisions and achieve your targets.

Continue optimising icon.


Continuously improve your products and brand positioning. Build your brand value, year on year and maximise quality every vintage.

“The CloudSpec’s ease of use makes it a powerful tool for monitoring and controlling the colour and phenolics profiles of our wines.”

Duncan Shouler

Chief Winemaker, Giesen Group

“The CloudSpec gives us valuable data on our wines in their earliest stages and throughout the winemaking process. We have been really impressed with the results the Cloudspec has shown so far.”

Nikolai St George

Winemaker, Cloudy Bay Vineyards


Unlocking new possibilities

CloudSpec is a revolution in colour and phenolics management. From grapes, to ferments, to consumers, wineries can now integrate colour and phenolics decisions across the business, driving new value never before possible.

Fruit icon.


Measure and understand the colour and phenolic development of your fruit pre-harvest and improve vineyard management practices.

Juice icon.


Rapidly analyse batches in the juice phase to make better informed triaging and winemaking decisions.

Wine icon.


Visually track and control colour and phenolic extraction of reds, whites and rose over time, ensuring you land on a wine style that sets you apart.

Hazy or clear icon.

Hazy and clear

Rapid and accurate colour and phenolics analysis. Removes the need for filtering and centrifuging.

Colour and phenolics icon.

Colour and phenolic data you can understand

Provides objectivity in wine style, enabling better conversations throughout the business, all the way from consumer preference to sales and marketing and into the vineyard.

Evidence based icon.

Supporting your decisions

Effortlessly record your winemaking practices and trials across all batches and grow a body of evidence to support future decisions.

Vintage to vintage icon.

Vintage to vintage

Compare colour and phenolic profiles of fruit, juice, ferments and finished wines year on year.

Style benchmarkign icon.

Style benchmarking

Compare your finished wines with other wines in the market to better understand and enhance your market positioning.

Style hub icon.

Your complete style hub

Incorporate brix, pH, TA and alc into the web app and build a more complete picture of your wine style.

Complete package

Accessible subscription package designed for wineries of all sizes, CloudSpec device and cloud platform included.

Full UV-Vis spectrum measurements and exportable CSV files.

Built-in CieLab tool turns your full spectrum colour measurement into colour you can actually see.

Evergrowing database of wines in the market and their colour and phenolic profiles.

Personal customer support includes free device and cloud platform training for your team.

Free style program consultation tailors our service to suit your winery’s needs.

CloudSpec hazy spectrophotometer device and web app on computer.
Make Better Decisions

Control, from the beginning

CloudSpec opens up a new world of decisions for a winery, by enabling colour and phenolics profiles to be measured and controlled at all stages of the winemaking process. CloudSpec data is being applied at major decision points, from the vineyard to the winery, and right through to marketing and retail.

Illustration of CloudSpec hazy spectrophotometer device surrounded by elements representing stages of the winemaking process.
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The integrated colour and phenolics platform

CloudSpec Hazy Spectrophotometer device.

CloudSpec Hazy Spectrophotometer

Cloudspec Insights web app on computer

CloudSpec Insights Web App