“Rapid analyses of critical components in premium winemaking – this is truly groundbreaking stuff!”



Introducing the CloudSpecTM – the groundbreaking spectrophotometer developed by New Zealand based company MaramaLabs. The CloudSpec can measure highly cloudy samples with unprecedented accuracy.

The CloudSpec is not only a regular UV-Vis instrument. It also eliminates the need for the multiple filtering and clarification steps typically required to test cloudy samples with UV-Vis and allows them to be tested as is – in a couple of minutes.

Use the CloudSpec to get colour and phenolic data on juice, ferments or finished wine - without any filtering required.

Accurate Spectra. No Filtering.

Wine is a complex jigsaw of chemistry and managing this complexity can be challenging during vintage.

Until now, access to colour and phenolic data during vintage has been seen as a “nice to have”. Vintage samples are often cloudy and require time-consuming filtering steps before colour and phenolics can be measured.

The CloudSpec, through the use of its novel scattering-free technology, allows direct measurement of colour and phenolics of unfiltered samples. Measurements with the CloudSpec take only 10 seconds (in addition to any dilution steps required).

You can now have easy and rapid access to reliable data during vintage, with a fraction of the preparation effort, giving more time to focus on actually making your wine.

Monitor Colour and Phenolics at All Stages of the Winemaking Process

Grapes and Juice

Measuring colour and phenolic content of grapes is time consuming and difficult. The CloudSpec can simplify the process so you can make better picking decisions and qualitatively assess grapes early.


Use the CloudSpec to perform rapid colour and phenolic analyses of juice and ferments. Get the right information for your ferment management when you need it.

Pressing, Finish

Follow colour and phenolics all the way from press to bottling and shipping. Be confident that what you are measuring is what is present and not removed because of filtering.


Satisfy your markets that consistency of quality is ensured year after year.

Perfect Colour. Year on year.

Colour is central to the character of a wine – the visual perception, the link with mouthfeel and the connection with quality. Yet it can be challenging to predict and manage.

The CloudSpec’s immediate benefit is the ability to monitor colour and phenolic extraction during fermentation. Simple assessment at every step, from juice to press, will give winemakers an objective indication of quality, while supporting and improving winemaking and cap-management decisions.

Use the CloudSpec to compare and contrast vintages, styles and regions, so you can have simple to interpret data at your fingertips when you need it during vintage

Use the science of the CloudSpec to perfect your art and create the colour and phenolic style you want, every year.