CloudSpec Hazy Spectrophotometer

Use the CloudSpec device to measure colour and phenolics of juices and wines, hazy or clear.

CloudSpec's revolutionary spectrophotometer, developed in Wellington, New Zealand, is unlocking a new era of colour and phenolics analysis for wineries all around the world.

Using patented integrating sphere technology and novel algorithms, it can rapidly and precisely measure the colour and phenolics of grapes, juices and wines, even when hazy.

CloudSpec Hazy Spectrophotometer device
Optimise Outcomes

Built for the modern winery

CloudSpec is designed with the modern winery’s needs in mind. It’s simple to use, massively reduces sampling times and generates powerful, understandable and actionable data.

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CloudSpec is a game changer for analysing colour and phenolics. Unlike other systems that waste lots of time processing hazy samples like musts and ferments with expensive centrifuges, CloudSpec is so much simpler. Just take a sample, dilute as necessary, analyse in the CloudSpec and within 10 seconds, you have your results. The CloudSpec can save at least 10 minutes per sample compared to traditional analysis methods, which over the course of a busy winery year can translate into weeks of savings in lab staff time.

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Full spectrum analysis

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Full Spectrum Power

Simple, powerful results

The CloudSpec is a highly versatile device that uses full-spectrum UV-Vis analysis to measure wine quality with unprecedented detail.

After accurately recording the full absorbance spectrum of a wine sample, the CloudSpec then distills this modern data down into easily understandable classic and contemporary parameters, including:

  • Colour - A420, A520, A620
  • Colour Intensity (A420 + A520 + A620)
  • Hue (A420/A520)
  • Total Phenolics Index (A280)


CloudSpec spectrum of phelonics example


CloudSpec spectrum example phelonics

Examples of absorbance spectra produced by the CloudSpec for two different red wines, where the colour and phenolics regions of the spectra are clearly distinguished. Wine 1 has significantly higher phenolic content and colour intensity than wine 2.

Analytical Suite

Testing options

CloudSpec offers a suite of analyses, all focussed on quality parameters inherent in premium winemaking. Rapid and accurate tests for colour, phenolic, anthocyanin and total tannin made possible through the unique, proprietary CloudSpec platform.

Wine sampling illustration
Wine Preparing illustration
Wine Analysing step illustration with CloudSpec Device.
Wine data Uploading step illustration.
Wine sampling illustration


Sample at any stage of the winemaking process, from grapes in the vineyard, fermenting must in the winery, through to finished wine in the market.

Wine Preparing illustration


Simple preparation of samples (hazy or clear) from any stage of the winemaking process.

Wine Analysing step illustration with CloudSpec Device.


Rapid analysis of hazy and clear samples through the CloudSpec proprietary spectrophotometer, simultaneously measuring all targeted uv wavelengths.

Wine data Uploading step illustration.


Utilising the powerful CloudSpec Insights platform to inform winemaking decisions and assess quality parameters against regional and market competitive sets.

Simple procedure flows

Turn on CloudSpec and open Insights Platform

  • Allow 30-minutes for instrument to run internal diagnostics
  • Open and login to Insights platform
  • Check that all systems are go and that instrument is connected and communicating with software.

Prepare sample

  • Clean cuvettes with 2% Hellmanex III cleaning solution
  • Be it grape ( juice), ferment or finished wine samples — can all be analyzed using the CloudSpec.

OIV Colour Procedure Flow

  • Select ‘Colour Method’
  • Pipette 100uL water
  • Select ‘Take Reference’
  • Pipette 100uL sample
  • Select ‘Measure’
  • Save data

Total Polyphenol Procedure Flow

  • Select ‘Phenolics Method’
  • Pipette 1mL buffer
  • Select ‘Take Reference’
  • Pipette 1mL sample
  • Select ‘Measure’
  • Save data

Free Anthocyanin Procedure Flow

  • Dilute sample with AWRI Bleach Buffer
  • Incubate for one hour
  • Select ‘AWRI Bleach Method’
  • Pipette 1mL bleach buffer
  • Select ‘Take Reference’
  • Pipette 1mL dilute sample
  • Select ‘Measure’
  • Save data

Total Tannin Procedure Flow

  • Dilute sample with AWRI Acid Buffer
  • Incubate for one hour
  • Select ‘AWRI Acidification Method’
  • Pipette 1mL acid buffer
  • Select ‘Take Reference’
  • Pipette 1mL dilute sample
  • Select ‘Measure’
  • Save data

Device Specifications

CloudSpec device in perspective.
Diagram of CloudSpec device side on.
Diagram of CloudSpec device front and back.


Detector Type

2048 Pixel CCD

Light Sources

Pulsed Xenon

Wavelength Range

250 nm – 800nm

Measurement Device Types

Total Phenolics (A280)
Color Density (A520)
Hue (A420/A520)

Measurement Modes

Absorption and Transmission (Full Spectrum)

Cuvette Types

Suprasil Quartz
(1 mm, 10 mm)

Absorbance Range

0.005 A – 1 A (10 mm)
0.05 A – 10 A (1 mm)

Turbidity Range




Measurement Time (Approx)*

Total Phenolics:
10 seconds
Colour: 4-5 Seconds


45cm (w)
30cm (d)
15cm (h)

* Not inlcuding sample preparation time (i.e. dilution steps)
** Typical ranges are <4000NTU, but samples above this can be measured with suitable preparation.