CloudSpec Insights Web App

Upload CloudSpec sample measurements to the web and bring your data to life.

The CloudSpec Insights web app is a central hub for you to record and analyse colour and phenolics, track progress against your target benchmarks and support evidence-based decisions in optimising your wine style.

CloudSpec Insights web app on computer.

A new world of insights

CloudSpec's Insights platform brings your wine colour and phenolics data to life, out of the lab and into the cloud.

The Insights platform is your colour and phenolics knowledge hub — all your CloudSpec measurements from the lab are uploaded to the cloud on your dedicated profile, where our rich suite of analysis allows you to gain powerful insights on the winery's operations. From tracking a single batch through grape maturity to bottling, to comparing juice colour profiles across mulitple vintages, the Insights app is opening up a world of opportunities across the winery, driving better winemaking decisions.

The CloudSpec Insights platform doesn't just track wines internally — by accessing our ever-growing database of external wine benchmark data, you'll be able to continously explore what styles are trending in the market, and use this data to drive commercial decisions within the winery.

We built the CloudSpec Insights platform with a modern winery in mind. You'll be able to track batch codes, grape lots, tanks and SKUs just like you do in your winery management software, and all your data is easily exportable to integrate with existing systems.

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Unlimited data uploads

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Full batch tracking

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Internal and external benchmarking

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Vintage to vintage comparisons

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Multiple user logins

Be Informed

Using data to drive decisions

Track from vineyard to bottle

The wine timeline feature of the CloudSpec Insights app allows you to visualise the colour and phenolics evolution of wine batches through every stage, from vineyard sampling through to ferment, maturation, blending and bottling. Use the timeline feature to enhance your winemaking decisions and achieve the style you want, every year.

CloudSpec Insights web app screenshot
CloudSpec Insights web app screenshot

Find your style

The style-compare feature of the CloudSpec Insights app allows you to compare colour and phenolics styles across any number of batches, SKUs or vineyards. Use the style-compare tool to discover and define the unique style of your wines, creating a database of internal benchmarks.

External benchmarking

The market-comparison feature of the CloudSpec Insights app allows you to benchmark your colour and phenolics styles against our ever-growing database of market wines. Compare against wines by price, varietal, region and geography. Use the market-comparison tool to define your wine style identity on the global stage.

CloudSpec Insights web app screenshot