About us

Who We Are

The CloudSpec is a product developed by New Zealand-based spectroscopy company MaramaLabs. MaramaLabs is a spin-out company from Victoria University of Wellington. 

MaramaLabs’ founders are physicists, and PhD graduates of the world-renowned Raman Laboratory in Wellington. The idea for the CloudSpec was born out of fundamental spectroscopy research in the field of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). 

Founded in 2019, the MaramaLabs team want to revolutionise the spectroscopy world with its groundbreaking technologies. 


Dr Brendan Darby

Chief Executive Officer

Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Investor Relations.

Dr Matthias Meyer

Chief Technical Officer

Engineering, Product Development, Research, Data Analytics.

Professor Eric Le Ru

Science Adviser

Scientific Guidance, Spectroscopy Fundamentals. 

Dr Geoffry Laufersky

R&D Scientist

Scientific Research, Application Development.